Californian animal abusers listing

[New York Times]

SAN FRANCISCO — California may soon place animal abusers on the same
level as sex offenders by listing them in an online registry, complete
with their home addresses and places of employment.

The proposal, made in a bill introduced Friday by the State Senate’s
majority leader, Dean Florez, would be the first of its kind in the
country and is just the latest law geared toward animal rights in a
state that has recently given new protections to chickens, pigs and

Mr. Florez, a Democrat who is chairman of the Food and Agriculture
Committee, said the law would provide information for those who “have
animals and want to take care of them,” a broad contingent in
California, with its large farming interests and millions of pet
owners. Animal protection is also, he said, a rare bipartisan issue in
the state, which has suffered bitter partisan finger-pointing in the
wake of protracted budget woes.

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