Bali Zoo

Good to see Peter Dickinson expressing sadness at the plight of the
solitary Orang Utan in Bali. They should not be held captive alone, even
though they may be largely solitary in nature, for they are not solitary
throughout the year and do communicate with conspecific individuals vocally
and physically occasionally. An Honest Report on
Bali Zoo

By Peter Dickinson
Bali zoo is yet another Bali animal collection which
prices its gate in US dollars. Here it was $20 or 225,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
This is no small amount and I half expected to be ripped off.

I already knew a little of Bali Zoo having followed links in ZooNews
Digestand knew of its recent association with Peel Zoo in Australia.

On their website they claim to be the first and only zoo in Bali. Well they
may well have been the first but they are certainly not the only because
there is the Bali Bird Park and the Bali Safari and Marine Park amongst
others. I suppose it is the website designers perception of what is a zoo.

Just inside the entrance was the first of several clear perspex donation
collection boxes. This had a sign on it saying that it was a private zoo
employing 74 local people and was having a hard time since the Bali bombing.
Please donate.
Now I'm sorry but I have just paid $20 to get in! Whether the zoo is
private, commercial, national or blessed by Bindi Irwin I don't expect to be
asked for donations to something I have just paid to see. An accountable
charity perhaps but otherwise no....this is not a good idea. I can
appreciate their problems but either your entrance fee goes up to get the
cash or it comes down to get more visitors. I am sure that the price turns
people off. I saw people in heated discussion when I left. They were unsure
as to whether to pay to go in.
Offerings to Spirits on each and every cage The zoo itself (which also
operates as a night zoo) was a big surprise. Singapore has always been my
most 'beautiful' zoo but now Bali Zoo is a very close second. I am not
saying that it was all as spik and span as Singapore because Bali has some
really atrocious nasty muddy enclosures (there had been recent heavy rain).
No I am really referring to the ambience...the paths, the lush vegetation.
This was enhanced by no less than 8 species of iridescent butterflies, 4
species of lizard and several attractive birds which were flitting or
scurrying their way round the grounds. Progress through the collection is by
way of a one way path which allows enclosures, with strategic planting, to
make maximum use of the space available. The enclosures themselves are
interesting. There is nothing modern even though some are quite recently
built. I would describe the style as 'best of the zoo fifties'. Mind you
there is a mingling of the worst of the 1880's too. Some of the cages really
are just too small....even for a chicken...even if it is temporary. One
should not be allowed 360° access. It is stressful even, or especially to a
A couple of the tiny bird cages In spite of my criticisms there is a very
strong feeling that the people who work here genuinely care. I was
particularily touched that offerings had been made to the spirits of each
and every cage in the collection...with each cage being looked on as a home.
These offerings of course being made twice every day. All the staff I met
were very nice, very friendly, almost insistent that I hold an Iguana or
Fruit Bat. The staff were multi tasking too which I believe is so important
in a small zoo. The girl who did the guest massage (yes really) also made
the trays for the spirit offerings. Whereas I don't like the touchy feely
encounters I am in favour of supervised controlled (and paid for) feeding
sessions to carnivores and similar. It is enriching because it is broken
down to uncertain times through the long as they get a bone to
gnaw on later.
Path through the grounds There were a surprisingly large number of species
in the zoo. I didn't count them all and sadly there were a few singletons
amongst them. These included a magnificent male Sumatran Orangutan called
'Jackie'. Other noteworthy animals included Komodo Dragon, Javan Leopard
(including a black one), Agile Gibbon, Maroon Leaf Monkey, Ebony Leaf
Monkey, Bawean Deer, Timor Deer, Lesser Bird of Paradise, Dwarf and Single
and Double Wattled Cassowary, Sun Bear. There were Lions and Tigers (sadly
including the inevitable white one), a nice collection of Hornbills, Nilgai,
a single Pygmy Hippo and a good range of other species. There was, as
expected animal shows. Dress them up, give them a name 'encounters',
'experiences' or whatever. They are all the same. I don't like them (no, I
hate them) unless they are done well. Here they were educational. Yes, they
were factual and interesting but but. Why does everyone in the audience have
to get to hold a Salt Water Croc or pat a lion cub or whatever. It is as
unnecessary as it is stressful to the animals concerned. I am all for
limited contact but no, this was too much. I am almost 100% sure that if the
staff here were showed how to do a proper animal educational show then they
would leap through hoops of fire to learn. I only watched one of these
'shows' and even then did not stick it out to the end. There was another
taking place in the restaurant area later on. I don't know what species were
involved there. Sticking with the Education side the commentaries were in
English and Bahasa Indonesian. This was the same for the signage throughout
the collection. The signs were just long enough to read comfortably without
being boring. I would have preferred something a little more colourful and
attention grabbing. I was especially pleased that the locals, through the
local language, are catered for I know how much it pleases my wives when
they can read a sign in Thai or Tagalog. There was evidence of enrichment
here though I gauged it more on the 'interesting cage fixture' than
enrichment per se. I reckon that the implementation of a genuine enrichment
programme would be beneficial to the animals, fun for the keepers and of
interest to the visitors. The food on offer looked exceedingly good. Very
fresh. What about conservation? To be honest I don't know. There is nothing
on their website or in their brochure to suggest that they are a member of
SEAZA or WAZA or any such body. The Bali Zoo really needs to be to be taken
seriously and I am afraid that a close association with Peel Zoo (who few
have heard about, however noble) is just not going to cut the ice. Bali Zoo
needs to sit up and get noticed. Presently it looks better and has more to
offer in zoological terms than does Bali Safari and Marine Park. Okay they
are offering a similar package but it is not the same and I see no reason
why the two cannot exist alongside and happily cooperate. They should and
must if SEAZA itself is to be taken seriously. So, is Bali Zoo worth a
visit? Yes, most definitely. It is just the sort of zoo I would not mind
working at if I could get over my hang up over animal shows. The thing is I
don't want to get over my hang up, I think it is hanging correctly.

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