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Carol Buckley Breaks the Silence 2:03 PM

March 19, 2010

Breaking the silence

On November 21, 2009 I was placed on an involuntary leave of absence. I was told by the Board that some staff had complained that they felt intimidated by my management style. I was instructed not to speak to staff, media or you, the donors. I voiced my concern about the donors not being told of my status as it was the end-of-year giving time. I did not want to be party to the donors being misled. My concerns fell on deaf ears. I hired an attorney because the Board would not communicate directly with me.

On January 19, 2010, I was removed as CEO, President, and Board member. I was offered employment as Director of Global Outreach which would effectively remove me from the Sanctuary; from my on-grounds home of 15 years and my access to the elephants, including Tarra. This job would further restrict me from doing any elephant welfare work in the United States.

Even though the request was made numerous times, the Board refused to mediate. Elephant experts from around the world wrote letters of support asking the Board to reconsider. Among them were Cynthia Moss of Ambosili Trust, Joyce Poole of Elephant Voices, Gay Bradshaw renowned expert in elephant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Will Travers of The Born Free Foundation. Also former Executive Council Emeritus Presidents of The Elephant Sanctuary wrote letters of concern regarding Board action and asking for mediation.  All communications to the Board went unacknowledged.

On March 17, 2010, I was called into the office of Mary Baker, Acting CEO. I was terminated from the Sanctuary.

As you can probably imagine I never thought that this could happen at my beloved Sanctuary that I envisioned, co-founded and built. When I was put on leave, removed as CEO, President and Board member, I was restricted from communicating with donors. These past four months of silence have weighed heavily on me. I had hoped through mediation or some reasonable action the Board would have found a solution.  At this time I feel a moral and ethical responsibility to inform you of the situation. Your support and trust in me has been the life blood of the Sanctuary and for all you have done I am eternally grateful.

Carol Buckley  [ send green star]
 2:45 PM

WHOA! Just who is on this board?  Circus plants? Riddle people?  Mindless Zootrons?

Pardon my expression but Carol has really been sh!t on here!!!  The board would not even let her see TARRA???

I KNOW what its like to start a non profit, you devote your entire life to it... and I also know what its like when others on your own board sh*t on you. 

This is VERY upsetting.. thanks for posting.


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 3:08 PM

I posted something about all this on their Facebook page and it got deleted right away.

How can we find out who is on the board and what their background is...

Carol was FIRED.. this is something we need to perk up and voice out about.  It is WRONG! 

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Carol Buckly breaks silence 3:32 PM

Since when have Nazi's been running TES??

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 3:39 PM

I don't even understand how she COULD be fired????

I thought she owned the place so to speak.

Do non profits answer to the people who donate to them?  Who do they answer to?

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 3:45 PM

the board of directors makes all decisions for a non profit.

We as the donors have GOT to do something!

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 3:56 PM

WTH!? This is absolutely ridiculous, excuse my language, but this is just stupid. Now I see why Scott left!

The staff of mediapress-us publishing will launch an investigation.

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