Lebanon minister declares circus animals illegal

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After a two week investigation, Minister of Agriculture Dr. Hajj Hassan declares the circus animals entered Lebanon illegally.  The Ministers decision, issued Friday, gave the circus owners 48 hours from the time of notification for the circus organizers to move all nine lions and tigers from Lebanon.
The deadline passed on Monday morning and the animals should have left Lebanon then, but internal security forces informed us that the circus organizer were able to get a 48 hour extension.
We must make sure the decision is followed through and the animals leave as quickly and safely as possible.  The Minister made a landmark decision and took a strong stance against animal smuggling, and we need to support the Minister and ensure the decision is carried out.
Please email or fax the Minister, thanking him for his decision, and politely urging him to ensure the animals leave as quickly and safely as possible.
Address all letters to –
His Excellency
Dr. Hussein Al Hajj Hassan
Minister of Agriculture
Send faxes to +9611 823 900 or email to ministry@agriculture.gov.lb
Your support now can help stop six lions and three tigers from the terrible suffering in the circus.

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