Report on fur industry

New 'Bloody Harvest' Undercover Report On Fur Industry
Highlights Horrific Cruelty And Widespread Animal Abuse

A new undercover report on the fur industry has been released today by Animal Defenders International (ADI).  Titled 'Bloody Harvest - the real cost of fur' the report, complete with accompanying video and photographic evidence reveals the shocking truth about the horrific conditions and cruelty to which captive fox and mink, bred and killed for fur, are subjected to.

The same fox and mink that will be showing on several catwalk collections at the forthcoming London Fashion Week (starting 19th February).

The ADI report and evidence is exceedingly distressing and compelling. Its factual detailing of systematic and endemic animal abuse undoubtedly provides an 'inconvenient truth' scenario for those designers still utilising real fur in their collections at a time when fake fur can be so easily and creatively utilised.

For the report ADI investigators visited 30 separate sites throughout Finland, many actually certified by the Finnish government. Finland was selected as it is one of the major fur suppliers to the global fashion industry, providing up to 41.55% of the fox and 3.74% of the mink fur utilised by the world's major fashion houses.

Footage was filmed over a seven-month period during 2009.   A summary of the horrific findings of suffering includes:  animals with open and infected wounds; obvious signs of untreated infection; eyes infected or missing; tails bitten off; deformed and damaged legs; overgrowing gum disease resulting in difficulty eating and drinking; babies with legs stuck through the mesh floor of the cage; dilapidated and dangerous caging and facilities; widespread animal suffering and neglect; empty, unclean and broken water bowls.

ADI Chief Executive, Jan Creamer, "It's really disappointing to see fur making a comeback on the fashion catwalks. At New York Fashion Week several designers featured fur and London promises to be the same. Some in the fashion industry have chosen to close their eyes and hearts to the truth about fur production.  This investigation is a wake-up call - it is no longer acceptable to ignore the suffering, and designers must take responsibility for the way that their fur is produced.  Customers of designers who use fur will be appalled to discover just how inhumane and cruelly animals whose skin is used in these collections are treated. We sincerely hope the report provides everyone with the evidence they need to make a truly informed choice about using real fur for fashion."


The pelts of up to 15-20 foxes or 60-80 mink are required to make a fur coat. Although in the wild foxes live on average for 3-4 years (but can live up to 10 or even 15 years) and mink live on average 8-10 years, the lifespan of mink and fox bred for fur is only 8 months as this is the optimum timeframe for the harvesting of fur.  Breeding animals produce babies each year. Babies born without the prerequisite pelt quality are killed immediately.


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