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Outlaw the use of bolt guns to euthenise dogs.


A man died, his wife tried to commit suicide, the son living further away collected the mum and called the RSPCA for help with 10 GSDs. The RSPCA told the son to find places for the dogs or they would deal with them. They deemed these dogs un-homeable, had bad mange and too aggressive. No vets, behaviourists or rescues were called by the RSPCA to even try to help the dogs. They took these 10 GSDs out individually on a grasper pole and put the muzzle of the bolt gun to the dogs head and stunning them , then placed a screwdriver or rod in the hole and pithed them whilst the dogs paddled and squired as their brain functions were mangled to kill them. The RSPCA have said themselves that this is terrible for the inspectors as it is nasty, messy, and smelly. They tell us the inspectors are trained to do this at slaughter houses, but do you know a slaughter house that kills dogs? And, dogs have different skull shapes so experts on this matter are needed. They tell us its not done often, but then they say they are experts.

Only a lethal injection is the kind way to destroy a dog.

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