Hanson 1 year jail

Baxter County District Court Judge Van Gearhart Wednesday found Tammy
C. Hanson, 43, guilty of failure to appear in the same court nearly
four years ago when she had been set to be sentenced on 20 counts of
animal cruelty at her Gamaliel property. Wednesday, Gearhart gave
Hanson the maximum sentence of one year in jail, which will actually
add 63 days to the one-year jail term she is already serving in the
Baxter County Detention Center for animal cruelty. The court's order
also includes a $1,000 fine and $190 in costs.

Hanson began serving the first year-long jail term Nov. 4, 2009.
Hanson and her husband, William H. Hanson, had been found guilty of
the 20 counts of animal cruelty in a trial in January 2006. They were
to have been sentenced Feb. 23, 2006, but skipped the court session
and became fugitives for three years and five months, when they were
found living under assumed names in Vermont.

William Hanson began serving an eight-month jail sentence for animal
cruelty Nov. 25, 2009, also in the Baxter County jail.

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