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Peter W Meier
Happy animals - by doing my job I see many ugly things and my websites are full to show them and make people thinking.
At the beginning of the 2new" English site I have a collection of pictures of happy animals and i would be glad if you can send me such pictures (allowed to be posted on a non profit website) for this collection to
email here
Many thanks in advance.
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Liebe Leser,

Es ist viel los auf dieser Welt was wir gar nicht sehen möchten. Damit machen wir aber nichts besser. Seit 10 Jahren schreiben, faxen und mailen wir eund um den Globus um Tierelend zu verhindern. Und wir machen so weiter.

Dear reader

Many things are happening on this earth and often we would not even see it. By looking away we do not change sometthing. Since 10 years we are writind, faxing or emailing all around the glope to stop animal suffrances. And we still go on.



Ronny, an unwanted, handicapped cat and Jerry, became our best friends together  with our 3rd other cat

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Translation:Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I'm not afraid! Psa 23:4


 dont act like this in case of animal suffrances


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