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wonderful Chinny - a perfect story to end 2009. Congratulations to you,
Princess Alia and all who supported this progress for the street dogs of
Jordan. More of the same in 2010 and a Happy New Year to you all at
AAPN, Jill and team Animals Asia.





Dear friends on AAPN,

Imagine - over ten days in a cage with no food or water!

I just received this from Animals Lebanon. I am passing it on so that we all
know that we are not alone and there are wonderful
people everywhere who are working for our common cause and that we have a
local ally working in Jordan.

I had the privilege of being in Jordan recently to help the Princess Alia
Foundation stop the poisoning and shooting of dogs
and replace it with an aggressive vaccinate and spay programme. For the
first time in decades of animal work, I came out of
meetings with Ministers and Mayors and senior Government officers with a
sense of optimism.

The Princess Alia Foundation (PAF), started by HRH Princess Alia and managed
by HH Princess Sarrah Ghazi Nasser
earlier this year, already have MOUs with six Ministries / Departments of
the Government, including Education and Health.
With the emphasis the Jordanian Government is placing on education, I am
confident that this ancient and holy land which
witnessed the birth of agriculture thousands of years ago, will lead the
region in animal welfare in the next few years.

Amman has been declared the cultural capital of Islam for 2016 and the Mayor
is determined to use this reason to stop the
cruelty to street dogs currently being practiced, especially since Jordan is
quite dependent on tourism and visitors are
complaining of the cruelty they see.

With the enlightened outlook of the Minister for Agriculture, the
down-to-earth approach of the Mayor and the committment
and dedication of the Princess Alia Foundation with the support of the rest
of the Royal family, the coming years should
see a major change for the better for the animals.

S. Chinny Krishna
Chennai, India

be a leader in





We woke up Christmas morning with an email alerting us to a shipment of lions and tigers that was on the Egyptian/Jordanian border and it was headed to Lebanon.

This shipment of six lions and three tigers is part of a circus that was coming here to perform for six months, and advertisements were put up throughout Beirut.
The circus was supposed to start on 23 December, but it had been delayed repeatedly as the animals still had not arrived.

The Princess Alia Foundation went to the Aqaba border crossing with the
Greater Amman Municipality on 25 December after being notified that the
animals had been stuck on the border for days.

According to the report from the Princess Alia Foundation the shipment left
its point of origin in Egypt on 21 December, and the Egyptian crew
accompanying the shipment said the animals had been put in the crates
approximately ten days before.

The shipment was delayed for two days on the border as the Egyptian crew did not have the proper paperwork to show they could continue the journey to Syria. The crew admitted that they had not provided food or water since they left their point of origin in Egypt as the owner of the animals did not provide them with money to purchase it.

Food and water were purchased by the Princess Alia Foundation and the
officials from the Greater Amman Municipality after it became clear that the
animals had not been fed or watered for at least two days. They then
escorted the shipment to the Syria border, and the animals finally left Jordan at 13:20 on 26 December and headed into Syria.

We raced to the circus grounds to document the animals as quickly as
possible and check on their health, but found that the animals had still not arrived.

"The hands that help are holier than the lips that pray"

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