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Cheers to Princess Alia and Sarra Ghazi-Nasser.

They are doing so much for animals in a very difficult situation, where
neither tradition nor education support their efforts.

At Petra, the horses draw carriages up and down a slippery cobbled lane and
are ridden by riders who whip them hard to ride faster. The poor animals
were trying desperately to avoid sliding and falling downhill and
were panting and pulling with great difficulty when they went uphill. The
Princess Alia Foundation has kept the animals healthy and well-fed, with
leggings that support their legs through a rough ride.

God bless the two ladies. May their efforts to provide a better life for
animals grow in 2010.

Nanditha Krishna



I'm interested to know how other groups feel about the amount of time beyond
which it would be inhumane to return a dog or cat to the area where he or
she was picked up.

The Taiwan SPCA will not return a companion animal after more than 48 hours.
I'd like to know others' protocol in this regard, and the reasons why, if
you have time.

Thank you.

Sean McCormack

Co-Founder, Taiwan SPCA

2009/12/30 Dr. Chinny Krishna <>

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