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Puppies Starved, Frozen To Death; Owner Charged

POSTED: 5:17 pm EST January 7, 2010
UPDATED: 5:22 pm EST January 7, 2010

A man is accused of letting a dog and several puppies starve and freeze to death in his yard.
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Animal Control officers were called to a home on West Broad Street in Spartanburg on Wednesday after a person looking at a house for sale on the street spotted the dead animals in a back yard.The officers found a dead adult pit bull and five dead pit bull puppies in the yard.The owner of the dogs, Anthony Legree Murphy, 28, is deaf, so officers called in an interpreter to help question him.The officers said Murphy told he bred the dogs and sold them when they were old enough. Murphy said he had been out of town, and when he got back Sunday, the dogs were all alive. He said when he went out to feed them Monday morning, they were all dead.The officers said they believed the animals had been starving for sometime since they found acorns and leaves in the dogs' feces.Investigators said that the combination of starvation and cold killed the dogs.An animal control officer said that last summer she had removed two pit bulls from Murphy's home because of inhumane treatment. At that time, officers were unable to locate Murphy.Murphy is charged with being an unlicensed animal breeder, six counts of inhumane treatment, two counts of unlicensed dogs over 4-months-old, two counts of no current rabies tags and six counts of failure to dispose of dead bodies.Animal control officers seized the bodies of the dead animals.

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