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Send Cabela’s A Hometown Message About Wolf-Killing Derbies

White Wolf (copyright Larry Allen 2009)


Cabela's has sponsored wolf-killing derbies -- brutal competitions where contestants are awarded cash and prizes based on how many wolves and other animals they can kill.

Help Send Cabela's a Message -- Donate Now


Turn Up the Heat on Cabela's -- See Our New


Please donate now to help run this powerful, full-page ad in Cabela’s hometown newspaper this Saturday, end wolf-killing “derbies” and save the lives of wolves and other wildlife. 


Or call 1-800-385-9712 to contribute by phone.

Dear Prof Peter,Meier

We’re turning up the heat on Cabela’s to stop sponsoring cruel wolf-killing derbies and funding anti-wolf litigation. Caring people like you have already sent more than 100,000 messages to Cabela’s urging them to end their support for wolf-killing predator derbies.

But despite the public outrage, the company has yet to act. We must increase media attention and public action directed at them.

Help us get their attention and stop corporate-sponsorship of wolf slaughters. Donate now to help place our powerful full-page ad in the company's hometown newspaper this Saturday.


As I wrote earlier, this major outdoor retailer has been sponsoring wolf-killing derbies -- brutal competitions where contestants vie to see how many wolves and other animals they can kill, with three points awarded for each dead wolf.

Worse, proceeds from these derbies are being used to support anti-wolf litigation to block the restoration of life-saving federal protections for these magnificent animals.

Our hard-hitting full-page ad

spotlights the support of Cabela’s for wolf-killing predator derbies in Idaho that have been held by the misleadingly named Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife -- the same group that is also lobbying for the awful anti-wolf bill that we’re fighting in Utah.

With your help
, we’re going to run the full-page color ad this Saturday in Sidney, Nebraska -- home of the Cabela’s corporate headquarters.

We’re going to let every manager, receptionist, office worker, accountant and employee at Cabela’s corporate headquarters know that the company's sponsorship of these terrible killing contests is hurting their bottom line.

The ad features quotes from wildlife-loving outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and anglers who have vowed to stop shopping at Cabela’s until the company stops sponsoring wolf-killing derbies.

Please donate now. With your support, we can run our powerful new ad in this Saturday’s edition of the Sidney Sun Telegraph.

And your tax-deductible contribution will do a lot more.

We’re keeping the pressure on Cabela’s with our national activist mobilization. We’re fighting Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife in Utah and in federal court. We’re educating others on the important role that wolves play in restoring the balance of nature. And we’re intensifying our campaign to convince President Obama to restore life-saving federal protections for these long-persecuted animals.

The clock is ticking. Can you chip in to support our vital efforts to save the lives of wolves and other imperiled wildlife?

For the Wild Ones,

Rodger Schlickeisen Rodger Schlickeisen, President Signature
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

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