Toronto adoptions

The OSPCA alleges the Toronto Humane Society shelter has neglected many of the animals housed in its River Street facility. (Chris Young/Canadian Press).

The Toronto Humane Society will resume animal adoptions on Monday, six weeks after the shelter was closed down and several senior staff members were arrested on charges of animal cruelty.

About 100 cats and 20 dogs will be available for adoption next week, the society said in a release Thursday.

“We are excited to be restarting adoptions at this location and that these animals are being given the opportunity to find new ... homes,” Ian McConachie, a spokesman for the society, said Thursday.

The society's River Street headquarters is being investigated by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA). The shelter was opened to about 30 employees on Tuesday after the society obtained a court order last week saying it could resume operations.

The shelter had been closed since Nov. 26, when OSPCA officials raided the facility. It is unclear when the OSPCA's ongoing probe will conclude.

“We will continue to work with the Ontario SPCA to place as many animals as possible up for adoption,” McConachie said in a statement.

Senior officials charged

The OSPCA alleges many of the animals were neglected, including dozens left to die in their cages without proper care and nutrition.

During the November raid, society president Tim Trow, general manager Gary McCracken, head veterinarian Dr. Steve Sheridan, supervisor Andy Bechtel and manager Romeo Bernadino were charged with animal cruelty.

Charges against Trow, McCracken, Bechtel and Bernadino also include obstruction of a peace officer.

The Toronto Humane Society has dismissed the OSPCA's charges, calling them politically motivated. There has been a long-running feud between the two animal-care organizations.

The humane society has also decried the public nature of the OSPCA's investigation. The OSPCA has been very public in its investigation, holding news conferences, providing regular updates to reporters and conducting a media tour of the shelter.

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