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Quite a number of years ago I saw a tv show about Willy and it was truly inspiring.  A lady walking down the street saw a cardboard box on the sidewalk.  When she saw it move a little bit, she looked inside and saw a tiny Chihuahua whose rear legs were paralyzed.  She took the dog to a vet but he had a spinal problem (more than likely from a beating) and no operation would restore his mobility.  As doggie wheelchairs had not been invented at that time, the lady tried everything to keep him from having to drag himself around - even tying balloons around his rear end but that only lifted his rear into the air.  Finally, she found someone who made him a wheelchair and the first time she put Willy into the chair harness, he acted as if he had been born in it and never again slowed down.  The lady, Deborah, wrote several children's books about Willy and his many adventures and she took him to the crippled children's hospital frequently to demonstrate his use of the wheelchair and made many public appearances.  He died at age 22 but lived a splendid life after being thrown away in a cardboard box.  
Wheely Willy Memorial Service
by Judy & Kate | Pet Post | 01.11.10 |
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Wheely Willy, the little dog who took his handicap and literally ran with it, will be honored at a service at the Memorial Garden at Long Beach Animal Care Services. Willy passed away Dec. 22 at the venerable age of 22. He and his mom, Deborah Turner, were each other’s guardian and inspiration for nearly 20 years and passed it forward through a collection of fictionalized biographies, public appearances, humane education and therapy.

Deborah Turner asks that in lieu of flowers or other gifts, donations be made to Friends of Long Beach Animals (FOLBA). Willy began his real life as an injured rescued pet, and Turner wants his work to be carried through by an organization that works to improve the lives of animals in need.

The address and time of the service are as follows:
Tuesday, Jan 19, noon to 2 p.m.
The Memorial Garden at Long Beach Animal Care Services
P.D. Pitchford Companion Animal Village
7700 East Spring Street
Long Beach, CA 90815

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